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19/6/2021 Fixer gear Italian championship

At least once in their life, all Italian bike lovers, from amateurs to professionals, have been dreaming about wearing a national tricolor jersey, the symbol of “Italian champion”.
It makes you go down on history as well as giving you the honor of wearing it during all the races of the following year

On Saturday 19th June, the Italian fixed gear championship took place in Mantova, in the largest indoor kart track of Europe.
This event gave the tricolor national jersey to the man and woman who first crossed the finish line from the first heat to the final one.
The event also had a sweet flavor of restart, after a year without competitions for this discipline that has been reinventing itself in the recent years to reach the general public.
This year the organization was perfect. The highly technical track gave spectacular overtaking like those of the best motorcycle races.

Fixed gear is a very complex discipline: it requires excellent physical preparation and special bike riding skills as well as a particular attitude for risks.
These features make this kind of event suitable for a public that is not purely passionate and this is why OUTWET was so involved to support the event.
We believe that cycling is everyone’s sport and we want to support it in all its forms.
A special mention goes obviously to Francesca Selva and Stefano Capponi together with all the dozens of athletes who got involved during all the heats.
To review the whole day with the technical comments of Frenk Martucci please click here:

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