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An adventure to live: Tuscany trail

Leaving for a trail is not like leaving for a simple bike trip but a personal challenge against yourself.

May was like the month of restart for most events related to the cycling world, while professionals challenged each other in the Alps for the last stages of Giro d’Italia, there were a few thousand people ready to leave Marina di Massa for the Tuscany trail 2021.
Over the years, this event has collected more and more members and enthusiasm for its uniqueness. It allows you to cross one of the most beautiful regions in the world through unforgettable landscapes and routes.
The departure is set for Saturday morning but preparations begin the day before. You have to prepare the bike bags following just one thought: “I take with me few things in order to travel light but if I miss something then how can I do?”
Travelling for about 500 km with more than 8000 mt of total elevation gain puts you in front of hardly predictable challenges and you can only hope to be ready for the unexpected.
The first day the stage ends in Volterra. The roads through northern Tuscany are so incredible that you don’t even notice that you have been in the saddle for 12 hours.
Some cyclists choose to sleep in a tent but I suggest a comfortable nap in hotel, it is useful to rest and disconnect from the “wild” world that will accompany you anyway for all 3 days of travel (and how do you shower otherwise?)
Another essential trick is to carry as little weight as possible and wash all the clothes of the first day so that you can use them again. Luckily the OUTWET clothings that I brought with me dry in an instant thanks to their technological and innovative fabrics. So I don’t have to spend all night long with the hairdryer in my hand.

The second day we go through the Val d’Orcia from Siena to San Quirico: landscapes that make this piece of land unique all over the world. For this reason I still get excited today to review the pictures I took along the way.
I feel very lucky because I see some participants on the roadside staring at their mechanical problems. Luck is on our side and we arrive at the hotel without unexpected events and ready to enjoy the pici* dish we have been dreaming all the day. * Pici are typical thick strands of pasta made with a simple dough of flour and water, cut into strips and then hand-rolled.
The following day we know it will be the hardest because it is the last one and because we have to cover the longest stretch over the three days, the finish is located in the old town of Orbetello.
During this kind of trip you understand that the mind matters more than the legs, that your body can face challenges you thought you would never be able to consider.
The landscape becomes more and more arid and the heat is more and more scorching. Once again Outwet collection helps me with its materials. I feel as I was wearing a second skin but I remain dry and cool so I can just think about pedaling to arrive before sunset.
This Tuscany trail has left me many good memories, it has made me understand that challenges must be faced without being afraid of failures and that only if you raise the bar more and more you can discover your limits.

See you next adventure!

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