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Bike rollers training: few tricks not to get bored!

During cold season it is often difficult for us to go out by bike: fog, rain, snow and cold are obstacles that even willpower and determination are often not enough to overcome.

Is stopping a must then? No, for athletes the rest time must be limited both by will and by need. The only solution to continue training in the saddle remains the hated bike rollers, which only reading the word makes us puffing. However getting a reason for it is the only thing left for us to do and maybe with a little imagination and a few tricks it can be less boring.
First of all, understanding if this type of training will be only occasional or for the entire winter season is fundamental. Depending on the answer you will have to think about a different training program.

First of all, our advice is not to overdo it: an hour / or maximum one hour and half is enough per day (and not every day!). If you really need to do more, try, according to your possibilities, to do one hour in the morning and another in the evening. This choice will benefit both your body and your mind in the monotony of the rollers!

Most important thing is to train in a place not too hot: for example a garage would be perfect. Here the temperature rises only slightly compared to the outside one. The first 10 minutes you may be cold but immediately after you start, your body will begin to drizzle with sweat for the effort. So dress little and especially with breathable technical garments, which evaporate the sweat and leave the skin dry thanks to excellent polypropylene properties.

Then in order not to die from boredom, there are some apps available on the market that, connected to a monitor, make you imagine mountain paths and roads, with daring ups and downs. Or dirty roads or daredevil paths !

Of course everything can be cheered by music, whether you choose it among your personal hits or it is downloaded to spur you and give you energy. There is also the possibility of choosing a voice that encourages and cheers, or ask your wife or mother to scream “Hurry up darling, it is almost ready!” maybe from the stairs with the scent that tickles your nose and the ride definitely takes effect!

Finally try to make a virtue of necessity so that bike rollers will have a stronger importance in your training sections.

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