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Frenk Martucci’s victory with Outwet garments

Let’s have a quick word with Frenk Martucci, winner of the Red Bull Short Circuit in San Francisco, about his experience and his emotions.

Let’s have a quick word with Frenk Martucci, winner of the Red Bull Short Circuit in San Francisco, about his experience and his emotions.

“Who says that fixed gear has gone out of fashion should read what Tony Hawk wrote in his book tracing the stages in the history of Skateboarding. It is clear that nothing “goes out of fashion” and this is because each period of shadow is followed by a period of light as in all disciplines: a return in prominence in grand style. “
This in not only what happened in the world of skateboarding but also the world of fixed gear. Evidence of this is the spotlight that Red Bull has decided to turn on the discipline, organizing a weekend of races entirely dedicated to brakeless fixed bikes in San Francisco.
The weekend dedicated to fixed gear was opened by the Red Bull Short Circuit, a direct elimination race like the last Italian championship, which took place in the K1 Speed Katodromo.
The following day was the time of the Red Bull Climb, race on a very steep and classic San Francisco climb. Both competitions were valid to win the first Fixed Gear Omnium in history.

The first day on the 400 m indoor track was really fun. In this kind of race, rather than physical skills, it is necessary to have high driving skills and control of the fixed gear bike.
However, such a race can also be very ruthless. For example, my partner Melissa had to stop her race on the starting line. Unfortunately, despite her perfect preparation, she fell due to two athletes who got hooked to the handlebars.
Luckily my competition turned out different. With my driving skills and experience on a fixed gear bike, I managed to cross the finish line and take home the victory and a temporary first place at the Omnium.
At the end of the day we celebrated my first place by eating a burrito from a food truck, with the desire to rest for the next race. Despite the fatigue, falling asleep wasn’t easy at all due to my adrenaline for the victory and the blows of Melissa’s fall.

The second and last day started with uncertain weather. The climb was very challenging and exhausting: with blocks with 25% peaks to be done at maximum at full strength. Melissa, coming off the fall, chose not to race but only cheer for me.
I felt my legs exhausted but I didn’t give up, I pushed hard and I finished in fifth position. An excellent result and more than enough to win the Omnium.
I was excited about the achievement and this time I enjoyed the after party with Danny Mc Askill who did not disappointed our expectations.

We can’t wait to go back to our beloved San Francisco for another Cioppino and, why not? , another race!

Outwet has decided to join the celebrations for the victory and create an exclusive Limited Edition of the customed jersey worn by Frenk when he crossed the finish line.
It will be possible to purchase it in pre-order but only until November 15th!

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