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Outwet Essential: a great choice

Essential means something necessary that you can’t do without. It is that necessary, fundamental something that makes even more comfortable what you wear over it. What are we talking about? Technical underwear: which is the first and most important layer for a cyclist.Essential is the perfect name for our new collection of technical underwear.
Base layers designed, studied and shaped around the body in order to ensure maximum adherence in those sensitive areas where physical friction is more evident. They capture sweat, bring it towards the outside of the base layer where it can easily evaporate leaving skin dry and protected.
100% Made in Italy garments developed combining Outwet technicality and the best and lightest yarn in the market: Dryarn® polypropylene. Base layers for all those who ride hundreds of km facing sudden changes of temperature. These are our first layers: they solve and satisfy needs of demanding cyclists.

Results guaranteed by the use of carbon fiber, merinos wool and polypropylene yarns. Hygrometric balance, body thermoregulation, high breathability, seamless construction and total comfort are the main features of this collection. Top quality garments that are developed and designed to be the ideal allies for sports performance and intense training sections.
For over twenty years, Outwet has been a leader in the base layers bike world both in Italy and abroad. Twenty years of experience in the field thanks to the collaboration with professional cyclists, to continuous researches, to the accurate tests on all our garments to stress them to the maximum result and to have the best possible feedback.

What is better than being the choice of a professional cyclist?
For all these reasons and even more, we invite you to choose Outwet garments. Your only thoughts while pedaling must be having no thoughts at all. Just enjoy the road and get excited for a climb. We will take care of the garments.

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