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How does a collection come out?

The garments of OUTWET SHELL line are made in response to a real need. For years we have focused our energies to create base layers which were able to push body sweat toward the outside leaving the skin dry.
To achieve completely our mission we soon realized that making base layers was not enough but we had to care about the entire dressing of the cyclist in order to ensure total hygrometric control and ideal thermoregulation.
To develop a complete collection able to satisfy all these needs we started considering the different ranges and climatic conditions that the cyclist may faces during his ridings; from light weight garments with breathable fabrics for hot and muggy climates to coupled fabrics with membrane for maximum thermal insulation and protection from bad weather.
After identifying and structuring all the garments, we had to figure out how to make each individual product work at its best in combination with the base layers of ESSENTIAL line. Here begins a long period of researches of multiple fabrics, creation of couplings and tests with many different technological treatments on the fabrics to make them acquire technical properties. Only after an accurate testing phase where we have decided the best fabrics to use for the entire collection we go through the design phase.

All the garments of the OUTWET Shell line have been firstly designed and engineered in an exclusive way starting from a handmade design and then developed in a digital form. During this first part of the project, the design must deal with fabrics and materials, the knowhow to match them in the best possible way is essential.
The position on the bike was our first priority in the choice of the fit. This means that all SHELL garments express their best functionality while sitting in the saddle. During the modeling design phase we decided that the cuts of the fabrics had to be dictated by the shapes of the body for an aesthetic harmony of all the parts but above all to make the fabric panels work at their best, wrapping the body in an ergonomic and consistent way with each movement.
Only after careful planning, research phase and evaluations on many aspects we reach a final design of the products. Last step we concentrate on the graphic dressing and the choice of the color palette that must communicate with the brand and be aware of its positioning target.
Once you get here it seems that the work is finished but on the contrary it is only the first part of a long phase of development, prototyping, testing, modifications and new tests that can last several months until the final version of the products is reached so that they can be launched on the market.

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