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Inside the product: RAIN JACKET RW

Regardless of the weather conditions, the real target of quality cycling technical clothes is to always keep a perfect body thermoregulation. The use of highly technological fabrics ensures physical well-being pushing towards the outside the sweat produced during sports activities, this condition is necessary if you want to focus only on performance.

The right equipment for rainy days

But what can we do when the moisture comes out not only from the body but also from the environment? Whether you are a professional cyclist or a simple amateur, there is one thing that probably you have in common: each of you gladly avoid cycling in the rain (remember that spring is a season where weather conditions are really unpredictable). When it starts raining and you are not properly equipped, actually, everything becomes more complicated: the tires of the bike lose some grip on the ground, the visibility decreases and streams of cold water begin to run down your back, soaking the jersey and the base layer.

We, at Outwet, do not yet have a solution for the loss of grip on the road but we have certainly found an answer to the other problems: RAIN JACKET RW. A waterproof and windproof jacket, also called a rain jacket which is a fundamental technical garment that can’t be missing in your kit. Wearing the right garment means that rain becomes no more than a temporary unpleasant condition and not a real problem to your cycling performance.

The technology used for RAIN JACKET RW

Our Rain Jacket is a concentration of the best technologies on the market and ensures total protection from rain and wind far beyond the classic waterproof jackets. This is thanks to the exclusive 3 layers X-TEX® fabric, a cutting-edge technical fabric that makes the garment totally waterproof, windproof and breathable. Bad weather resistance is guaranteed up to a pressure of 10 water columns, while the inner membrane, with only 8 microns thickness, ensures full osmotic transpiration to protect the body from external elements while allowing it to breathe, conveying the sweat to the outside of the garment.

The conveyance of moisture to the outside is particularly effective thanks to a special rear flap. During the pedalling movements of the body, this creates and opening that lets the steam moisture flow outside while preventing water from entering, thus keeping you dry and perfectly thermoregulated. The taped seams on the outside of the garment ensure total waterproofing while the laser cut elastic cuffs and collar adhere perfectly to the base of the neck and wrists preventing any infiltration of water.

The reflective inserts on the back increase visibility of the garment even in low light conditions, increasing your safety while pedalling (however do not forget to use a good rear light too!)

Total protection from wind

So far we have seen how a good waterproof garment can make your rides more acceptable in the rain. However, it is essential to make a specification: we strongly recommend to always keep it with you, even on sunny days where there is the certainty that it will not rain. The multifunctionality of the shell is not only useful as a rainproof but on several occasions it will protect you from the wind. Especially when you are downhill: if you have not worn the right breathable garment, the body is sweaty and hot after the climb and the air currents that hit your body could cause you dangerous cold shocks and sudden changes of temperature.

We have seen which are the main features that a quality rain and windproof item should have. It is a good idea to always have it with you to prevent not only sudden showers but also to protect yourself from wind and sudden changes of temperature, especially during seasonal changes.

Therefore, to sum up the main features, a good shell should:
• Be made of a completely waterproof and at the same time breathable fabric like X-TECH® used in RAIN JACKET RW
• Be as light and foldable as possible so as to take up as little space as possible and be easily transported during your rides
• Have taped seams, elastic cuffs and collar close to the body to prevent water infiltration
• Ensure visibility thank to reflective inserts

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