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Jacket EW. The jacket with the exclusive Graphene layer.

As we move towards the milder spring weather, it makes sense to review your cycling wardrobe and adjust it to the warmer temperatures. So wash your winter gear thoroughly, as we’ve shown you in a previous article, and pull out your mid-season items.
It is risky to ride with overly thick clothing because they may cause excessive sweating. This moisture generated by the body creates condensation inside the garment when it comes into contact with the cold air. Without a suitable base layer to create a gap between the condensation and the skin, we’re likely to experience a constant cold-wet feeling. This can be harmful to our health, because as soon as we stop cycling the body cools down very quickly; this can lead to sudden changes in temperature that can cause colds, bronchitis or pneumonia. This situation is exacerbated when the route includes long downhill stretches preceded by equally long uphill climbs.
Keep in mind that the main purpose of high-quality technical cycling garments is to ensure the body’s optimal thermoregulation at all times. This is achieved by using high-tech fabrics that are able to wick the sweat generated during exercise away from the body, ensuring the physical comfort required to focus solely on performance.

Which jacket to use in late winter?

Our solution for protecting the upper body in the mid-seasons, and particularly in early and late winter, is the EW Jacket. If worn together with the right baselayer, thanks to its exclusive technology it will ensure extremely efficient temperature control whilst being incredibly lightweight for a jacket of this type.
The garment uses a Graphene layer, a new material that can be woven into a fabric that is both very thin and lightweight, but also warm and insulating, and can be used to maintain the correct body temperature during exercise.
Furthermore, the Bionic Finish Eco® treatment applied to the outside of the jacket makes it fully waterproof, protecting the wearer from the weather changes typical of mid-seasons.

EW Jacket technology

As mentioned above, the most innovative technology used for the EW Jacket is Graphene. This recently discovered material is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms and, when used in combination with technical fabrics, has excellent thermal conductivity and a far greater electrical conductivity than diamond or copper.
With this material it is possible to manufacture technical garments with unique characteristics in terms of body thermoregulation and athletic performance.

Let’s see how the three layers that make up the EW Jacket work.

● Micro-fleece inner layer: this is the layer closest to the skin and in direct contact with the base layer. Made of soft micro-fleece, it has a purely insulating function, i.e. it insulates and retains body heat. It also has hydrophilic properties, i.e. it absorbs liquids expelled from the base layer and channels them towards the middle layer.

● Graphene middle layer: it draws moisture produced by the body and absorbed by the inner layer into the outer fabric layer by osmosis.
Thanks to its extraordinary thermal conductivity, the Graphene layer dissipates the heat produced by the body during exercise and redistributes it throughout the jacket, ensuring an even body temperature and internal microclimate. This layer also regulates outer heat sources, increasing the warmth of areas not exposed to the sun and reducing it in those most exposed.
Another important characteristic of Graphene is that it is a powerful bacteriostatic agent: garments with this technology are more sanitary as they do not develop bacteria and do not spread viral infections.

● Outer layer: The outer layer protects the Graphene layer and ensures its performance. To enable the membrane fabric to perform at its best without slowing down perspiration, this layer can’t be too thick.
In addition, it is water-repellent to prevent the fabric from getting wet, which could cool the Graphene layer and slow down its functioning.
We chose a Bionic Finish Eco® treatment, which makes this layer fully waterproof. The main feature of this finish is that it ensures high water resistance without using fluorine or formaldehyde. This translates into greater safety for the end user and greater respect for the environment.

Attention to every detail

There are also some key details that add to the comfort of the garment, such as the cuffs, which are designed to fit snugly and prevent cold air from getting inside the jacket. Another important and sensitive area is the neck and nape.
While the base of the neck should be in contact with a very breathable fabric to remain as dry as possible, the collar should be designed to protect against the wind.
The front zip is also crucial for insulation and wind protection. If the zip is inadequate – i.e. it doesn’t have a waterproof finish or an internal wind guard – it can be a major gateway for cold air. To further reduce the risk of air infiltration, an exclusive coated fabric has been used, which was exclusively created by Akkotex for Outwet. This fabric is used for all the jacket’s finishes and trims, as well as for many other products in our range. The fabric is laser-cut with a raw-edge finish to replace the classic elastic bands. It provides more comfort over long distances, ensures greater protection, and has a minimalist, futuristic look.

Finally, to improve the visibility of the jacket in low light conditions, thermoadhesive, reflective inserts have been applied to the back. EW Jacket, available in two colour versions, is understated and the perfect synthesis between a high-performance technical cycling garment and pure Italian style.

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