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Japan: cycling and Onahami

Hello, I’m Kondo! It’s spring in Japan and the temperature is warm, making cycling a fun activity.
So let’s talk about the Cherry blossom viewing 120km ride!
Cherry blossoms are called “SAKURA” and are synonymous with spring for Japanese people.
Eating and drinking while viewing the cherry blossoms is called “OHANAMI” and is a traditional Japanese culture.
It’s still chilly early in the morning when I ride to avoid the crowds…
When I ride in this season with many temperature differences, I use a combination of “WIND JACKET” and “JERSEY-SS” to regulate my body temperature. I passed through the center of the city and arrived at our destination, a row of cherry trees, just when the morning sun was rising.
Looking up at the pink cherry blossoms and the blue sky… isn’t it beautiful? The peak of the cherry blossoms is only about a week away and they will soon be gone. So it’s a luck if your ride coincides with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
After enjoying “OHANAMI”, let’s eat “Sakura Mochi”, a specialty of this season! “Sakura Mochi” is a rice cake and a Japanese sweet. Salted cherry leaves have an amazing

Our next stop was Odaiba, the location of the Tokyo Olympics. At this time of day, the warmth of the sun was starting to make a good feeling on my body. I feel like I can take off my “wind jacket”.
In the Odaiba area, there is an aircraft that appeared in the mecha anime “Gundam”. It’s 1/1 size, about 18 meters long, and it transforms from time to time.
After enjoying “OHANAMI” to the fullest, we took the cycling path home.
My legs were in great shape and there was no wind. I was riding as fast as I could on the flat road. The wind resistance on my body was very low. This is because the “JERSEY-SS” is a tight-fitting aero jersey. The wind flow from the chest area to the sides is great, no flapping and no stress. I hope you will experience the quality of these sewing techniques and materials. That’s how I enjoyed my 120km cycling trip in spring. This time, the first half was relaxed cycling and the second half was hard training. Just keep pressing the heavier gears mindlessly… to ride even one second faster than usual. I think it is possible to have such conflicting styles at the same time.
Let’s all put on our top quality Outwet clothes and go for a funny ride!

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