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Middle season technical garments signed by Outwet!



Among Outwet bikewear proposals, there are some ideal garments for middle season. When the weather is often changing, the concentration to complete our performance on the road must be always high and constant.

For this reason, when you decide to take your bike and allow yourself a few hours of escape from everyday pressure, the choice of the perfect outfit is extremely important. The garments must be technical and take advantage of the best technologies to be practical, light and comfortable.

The arrival of the first spring or autumn days with their suddden change of temperature can play some tricks.



For this reason and for never being unprepared, we have decide to exploit the most the knowledge of our laboratories which were the first to develop unique innovations studying possible applications and conducting tests on fabrics. All of these are our main distinguishing features and they make us leader in this field.

Thanks to the most avant-garde technologies, we have developed WIND JACKET: a windproof jacket with breathable inserts, which best fits the body of the person wearing it, perfectly adapting and adhering to the body.

WIND JACKET uses the technology of the exclusive Outwet fabric with a two-layers Graphene membrane and Bionic Finish Eco.


But what are we talking about?

  • Graphene is an innovative material which has recently started to be applied also in
    the textile field and which has become a must for us. Thanks to it, there is a perfect
    distribution of the heat over the entire surface of the garment. An incredible
    technology that is now at people service.With reference to the WIND JACKET, we are talking about a thin two-layer garment which consists
    of an external fabric combined with an internal Graphene one. This way the garment is a
    maximum breathable product and above all it is able to distribute body heat as never done before
    by other fabrics. A novelty that we immediately adopted and integrated into our garments
    designed for the bikewear world.Especially the presence of Graphene in the exclusive Outwet fabric interacts with body’s heat,
    ensuring an intelligent management, dispersion or distribution of it.
    An extremely precious feature for sportwear that allows an extraordinary body thermoregulation.
  • Bionic Finish Eco is the treatment we apply to garments made with this technology.
    This way we make them water repellent with a more ecological formula which
    therefore has a lower environmental impact if compared to fabrics with similar
    treatments. Our garment are absolutely safe as these kind of treatments are also
    fluoride free.

The knowledge and innovative techniques we rely on make our garments ready to follow you in any challenge even the most difficult. Get on the bike and never stop!
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