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Summer cycling jersey signed by Outwet

We are ready to present you the brand new summer cycling base layer!
The production of an Outwet® garment is always the result of careful studies of details and the continuous dialogue with professional cyclists.
Each garment is created on the basis of quality, technical features, type and above all on the basis of the needs of those who will wear it. Considering all these fundamental points we have created the new Alterego collection: highly breathable meshes in Dryarn® polypropylene, with smooth no-rubbing inserts and optimal comfort.
The mesh is the main protagonist so that the technical features of the yarn and the helical construction of the holes allow maximum transpiration.

The unique design with smooth inserts has been strongly required and created in order to give protection to the most sensitive parts of the chest to avoid unpleasant rubbings.
The original classic Outwet® mesh, shaped around the body and improved is a must for those who practice cycling consciously with their heads as well as with their legs. True cyclists (amateurs or professionals or only Sunday fans) know how important and fundamental is having the right underwear to feel good on the two wheels.
Alterego base layers are available both in classic colors such as white and black, and in trendy ones such as yellow and fluorescent orange. For those looking for even more technical items, it is available with the metallized carbon fiber:

1. The special conductive carbon fibers absorb and disperse electrical charges, avoiding muscle contractions, fatigue and muscle cramps, decreasing the concentration of lactic acid in the blood by 12%;
2. Carbon improves the electrical performance of your body, promoting blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells;
3. The carbon element accelerates the sweat evaporation process, leaving your skin dry and keeping an ideal core temperature of the body;
4. Respiratory quotient and heart rate improve: with carbon fibers, less oxygen is needed and heart beats are saved during physical activity;
5. Carbon also improves your physical well-being thanks to its antibacterial properties.
Seeing is believing !

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