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Sustaining the planet is no longer a choice: it is the only way forward.

As a company, the growing awareness of the need to reduce our environmental impact drives us to optimize the sustainability of our business every day.
This is our active commitment to building a better world that respects the environment and protects everyone’s health.

At Outwet we have always been ready to invest in sustainable resources because it is a winning choice for all of us: our business, our lives, our planet.

Outwet’s contribution to safeguarding the environment starts with the choice of raw materials: some are fully recyclable, such as Dryarn® polypropylene, while others are dermatologically tested and high performance to ensure total well-being during physical activity. All fabrics are Oeko Tex® certified, not harmful to humans or the environment.

The companies we work with have quality standards of excellence and share our concern for environmental sustainability by reducing waste and harmful emissions as much as possible.
The choice of our packaging prefers recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard.

Deciding to support the environment is everyone’s duty, and in our own small way we try to play a leading role.
We want to always be able to take pride in our work by offering our customers state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly products.

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