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The baselayer is essential

Wearing the right garments doesn’t mean layers and layers of jerseys and jackets but few quality clothes in order to be free in movements. Technical underwear is the essential layer for long bike rides. Essential because it protects from sudden changes of temperatures keeping the body dry. To reach the best results, we need to choose the most breathable yarns combined with specific processing of the garments. This ensures maximum comfort and the best body thermoregulation. With summer around the corner it is wrong to think that wearing a cycling set could be enough to solve all the problems but it is not so. An underwear especially designed studying temperatures matched with garments makes the difference. Perspiration is essential: the yarns must be able to catch the body moisture, carry it outside the fibers where it can easily evaporate leaving the skin dry and keeping the body protected. Many fibers used in technical underwear fields doesn’t allow a normal perspiration, sometimes only partially and for a short time. For this reason it is important to choose yarns that could ensure extraordinary performances in both medium and intense physical activities. Functional garments must manage correctly the flow of heat and moisture from perspiration to keep skin dry and to avoid troubles with body thermoregulation system. The polypropylene yarn is the best choice as it facilitates normal transpiration, body thermoregulation being also lightweight, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. If we add a percentage of carbon fiber to this polypropylene yarn we can design garments with multiples features.

The special conductive fibers absorb and disperse electrical charges, avoiding muscle contractions, fatigue and cramps, decreasing the concentration of lactic acid in the blood up to 12% *.Carbon fibers improve the electrical performance of the body, promoting blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. They accelerate the evaporation process of sweat, leaving the skin dry while keeping a stable body temperature. Respiratory quotient and heart rate are improved: with carbon fibers you need less oxygen and you save heart beats during physical activity. Carbon fibers improve even more the physical well-being thanks to its antibacterial features. A physical test performed over 30 minutes with athletes wearing a shirt containing Resistex® Carbon shows that in the 15th and 30th minutes, the athletes metabolic energy presents a growth index of yield, which goes from 24,68% to 24,93% and indicates that the muscular system can transform heat into mechanical energy. *
Technical cycling underwear is an essential layer of clothing so we should carefully read the labels inside the garments and understand the materials used and the percentages. A conscious choice improves the well-being of the body and ensures that while pedaling you are in a state of optimal comfort to fully enjoy the bike ride and not be bothered by elastic stripes that tighten or seams that leave their mark creating “grooves” in the skin. Admiring landscapes, concentrating on the most difficult climbs, challenging yourself and reaching the goal should be your predominant thoughts while we take care of the cycling clothes you will wear.
* Data collected by Resistex® Carbon

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