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Thermal base layer: let’s discover all the benefits!

Sportsmen have become increasingly demanding, whether they are professionals or amateurs who practice a sport at an amateur level, in both cases, they are much more careful than before concerning the quality of clothing and do not under value the aesthetic aspect of the garments they wear.

Sportsmen have become increasingly demanding, whether they are professionals or amateurs who practice a sport at an amateur level, in both cases, they are much more careful than before concerning the quality of clothing and do not under value the aesthetic aspect of the garments they wear. From this point of view, sports base layers are also considered in a particular way, because they must be shown and this is an important detail that reveals the personality of the wearer.

The thermal breathable polypropylene base layer for the winter season is a garment made with an aerated thermal system, suitable in any climatic condition; for its thermal regulation properties, it keeps the skin warm, leaving it dry and protect even in winter. Thermal underwear in Merinos wool is ideal with the coldest temperatures. Designed to fight humidity and cold that stiffen the muscles of the body. The thermal base layer in Merinos wool, cashmere and polypropylene, is the result of cutting-edge technological solutions, adopted to produce an item of underwear with fine natural fibers, to protect itself from the cold during sports.

Why do we talk about high technology?
Thanks to the combination of natural wool yarns such as Merinos and cashmere with polypropylene yarn, with thermal qualities widely tested in modern sportswear.

The thermal underwear in Merinos wool, unique in its kind for its natural features, is perfect to be worn by those who practice sports during the winter months. The choice to use Merinos wool comes from its insulating properties; the strongly curled fibers of this kind of wool are tied together to make a wavy structure and, overlapping each other, they create a sort of air channels that retain body heat. The wool made from Merinos sheep is extremely soft as well as insulating. The quality of this wool depends on its fibers: the thinner they are, the better the quality.


Do you know the features of Merinos wool?

  • thermal insulation (it highly absorbs humidity)
  • antibacterial
  • free from bad smells
  • free from electrostatic charges.

Maximum breathability is the result of polypropylene fiber combined with wool’s natural yarn.
Thanks to its breathability, this fiber transfers sweat to the outside of the base layer, so that it can easily evaporate and allow the body to remain dry. Important for all sports lovers, especially in cold or wet conditions when it is comfortable to stay dry and warm.

Technical base layers must meet some specific requirements; the technical sports underwear must always offer a new look, remaining comfortable, wrapping slightly the body and ensuring maximum breathability. Outwet® has been producing technical underwear items for years, able to meet the needs and tastes of the most demanding customers, meeting strict criteria on following features:

  • quality
  • design
  • breathability

When winter season is getting closer, sportsmen should not give up their passions, but only change their technical outfit and the thermal base layer becomes essential. The different Outwet® lines offer a wide range of products for specific situations.
The lightest microfiber is perfect for those dynamic and modern men who use base layers to go to work or for sportsmen who do not want to give up the breathable technical underwear in polypropylene.

Outwet® offers garments with increasingly avant-garde features, which go behind the border between base layers and outer layers. Produced with hypoallergenic, antibacterial and odorless fiber, they are particularly suitable for those who, practicing sport, want to avoid the unpleasant result of muscle cooling and want to always feel dry. The use of a special material such as polypropylene makes the base layers perfectly breathable and provides dryness to the body even after intense training.
Polypropylene base layers are suitable for any situation, worn for the exercise of a sporting activity but also in leisure time; due to their features, these garments protect the body like a second skin and, at the same time, leave them total movement freedom.

Therefore, there is no problem in practicing outdoor sports, even when the temperatures become cold. Great international sports champions have chosen and continue to choose technical underwear, especially thermal underwear, for the cold season and have appreciated its efficiency, even in extreme conditions. However you don’t necessarily have to be a great champion to appreciate and use thermal underwear: it is perfect for anyone who practices sport or like wearing sport clothing in free time.


In conclusion, whatever sports you are going to practice during next winter season, on land or under water, adequate technical underwear will be able to ensure the right breathability, transferring sweat along the fibers of the fabric to the outside; protection from the cold with the lightness of a second skin, thanks to the use of natural and technological fibers; the necessary thermal regulation, keeping the skin always dry and protect; hygienic safety, thanks to the characteristics of fabrics that do not retain bacteria and mold; maximum comfort in any performance.

In addition to all the above considerations, we would like to underline that our garments are 100% Made in Italy, to guarantee the quality of an Italian product and a perfect sporty style design.

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