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Tokyo, Temples and Imperial Palace

Hello, this is Kondo!
How have you all been doing?
Let’s talk about a relaxing cycling tour of Tokyo’s sightseeing spots.
Our first stop was Sensoji Temple. It’s probably the most famous spot in Tokyo that you can find in any guidebook.
Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo. When you go under the lanterns of Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate), you can see a lot of stores lined up and it’s usually very crowded.
The first place to go is Tsukiji Honganji Temple which has a wonderful exterior that resembles the ancient Buddhist architecture of India and other Asian countries.
It looks great with Outwet’s stylish jerseys.
Tsukiji is a famous fish market in Tokyo, so let’s have breakfast in time. This is a bowl of rice topped with a lot of tuna. In Japan, people eat raw sashimi and it is very delicious.
Is there a culture in Italy to eat raw fish?

The next stop was the Imperial Palace, where the temperature was rising and we were starting to sweat.
Outwet’s base layers are quick drying and very comfortable without sticking to the skin.
Let’s keep moving towards our destination!
Next up was the 22% slope of Peep Hill. It’s the steepest slope in Tokyo except for the stairs but it’s only a short distance, so you’ll be fine as long as you put your mind to it. The compression of the jersey fits your body well, so it supports you comfortably even on the steepest slopes, and of course, it is highly aerodynamic, so it is easy to cruise on the flat.
The last stop is Tokyo Daibutsu. It’s the third largest bronze Buddha in Japan, it’s so big!
It was a compact and fun ride.
Please try wearing your favorite stylish clothes and ride around the famous places, you’ll find something different and fun!
Here’s how it went this time.
I’ll see you soon!

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