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Warm technical underwear? Merinos wool is Outwet® solution

Merinos wool is the Outwet® solution for those looking for a warm technical underwear to fight the cold. With the change of season, in late Autumn, we usually change our closets. Athletes who don’t want to give up their passions must necessarily change technical equipment. The warm or thermal technical underwear become necessary to fight against cold and humidity that stiffens muscles and body. Outwet® proudly presents the new Merinos wool, cashmere and polypropylene base layer: ISLANDA MERINOS. A concentrate of technology and natural fibers for all those who know the importance of wearing a protective and functional thermal underwear. This base layers is a winning combination of yarns to protect the body from the cold. The natural warmth of these wools (merinos and cashmere) combined with the thermal properties of the Dryarn® polypropylene yarn makes this garment suitable for many sports and the only one of its kind.

Why do the use of Merinos wool and cashmere make the difference in a thermal base layer?

Merinos wool offers excellent insulation properties. Its fibers are strongly curled with a wavy structure that overlapping each other create air chambers that retain body heat. It is also very soft and delicate to the skin as the fur of the Merinos sheep is extremely thin, soft and thermally insulates in the colder seasons. Wool quality is generally measured based the quality of the fibers. The finer the fibers, the higher the quality. For the following reasons Outwet® after months of research and testing has chosen one of the most valuable wools for its technical underwear items:

  • Eccellent thermal insulation
  • Antibacterial
  • Absorbs body humidity
  • Odourless
  • Electrostatic charges free

To make this jersey even more functional and worthy of the Outwet® brand, we have maintained a correct percentage of polypropylene: the most breathable fiber on the market. This yarn carries sweat outside the shirt where it can quickly evaporate leaving the body dry.

The Islanda Merinos base layer is definitely the best way to fight the cold by continuing to practice outdoor sports despite the cold temperatures.

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