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What is Polypropylene?

Polipropilene is the lightest microfiber in nature, so light that it floats on water.

It has thermal and resistance features superior to natural and synthetic fibers; it is always dry on the skin and completely hypoallergenic.

The use in sportswear


Thanks to the ability to carry sweat and water toward the outside, leaving the body dry and protect from sudden changes of temperature, polypropylene is widely used in the technical sportswear field.
This material is able to collect sweat by transferring it, along the fiber surface, from the skin to the outside of the fabric, allowing it to easily evaporate.

It is breathable and dries in less time.

Body thermal regulation

The hollow polypropylene yarn fibers allows to retain the air, making more effective the insulating power and protection from the cold, obtaining insulation features equal or superior to those of wool. For this reason, the use of polypropylene is ideal for functional garments in intense sports activities that present abundant sweating and a significant temperature change.
Thanks to the ability to create an insulating and protective barrier, the skin is warm in the winter months and cool in the summer season.


Among all the advantages of using this material, next to the high breathability and body thermal regulation, we must mention the extreme lightness: 10 kilometers of yarn weigh only 1 gram. In certain sports, such as cycling or running, weight makes the difference. Learning to read the labels and to know the composition of the items allows you to make better choices, preferring garments that are good for skin and body. Outwet® produces garments with the best fiber on the market: Polypropylene.

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