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Winter pants from the SHELL line: all you need!


Cold temperatures and difficult climatic conditions put bike rides to the test and this is why we have dedicated so many months of meticulous work and researches to make it possible to ride outside even in winter.

In this article we want to reveal all the details, finishes and features of these exceptional garments to convey the passion for research of the highest quality without compromises.

We, at Outwet, are made like this. We are never satisfied because we want to offer you the best.

The winter pants (bibshort, bibtight and tights) of the Outwet SHELL line are the result of a careful technical and modeling research combined with the use of the best performing materials on the market. The main fabric used in our winter trousers is Thermoroubaix® which ensures maximum thermal insulation thanks to its hollow fiber structure. The air trapped inside the yarn has an excellent insulating action and gives to the fabric a very low specific weight. The raw finishing and details of the garments increase comfort and identify the stylistic features of the Outwet SHELL range.

In addition to the use of innovative fabrics, we relied on Elastic Interface® pads for all our pants. The best partner on the market in this field. After several test we found so much positive results with the Paris HP chamois that we decided to use it on all our pants.
This pad has an anatomic construction based on three different density levels positioned on strategic points. This positioning allows us to find an immediate feeling even if with different pedaling styles as well as guaranteeing long hours comfort on the saddle.


The chamois chosen for the Paris HP men line has high-density inserts in the ischiatic and perineal area, which make it perfect for road and MTB rides.
The central channel, designed according to anthropometrical measurements, allows the decreasing pressure on the urethra and facilitate blood flow.

Paris HP men combines the benefits of multidirectional bending with those of a smooth surface; these two features work together to ensure a perfect fit, increasing stability in the saddle thanks to the gradual transition areas. The holes on the top increase air permeability, lowering the skin temperature and decreasing humidity. This type of chamois is made with ECO X-fifty fabric by Elastic Interface® which ensure maximum softness and quick drying thanks to 100% recycled polyamide and polyester threads.



Bibshort-WT model is ideal for mid-seasons and the first cold. It can be used in winter months in combination with LEG legwarmers.
The lower part of the shorts is in Thermoroubaix® fabric, finished at the bottom of the leg with a 7,5 cm high raw cut Lycra® band and micro pixel silicone on the inside that keep the pants stable even during the change of position on the saddle.
To increase comfort and breathability in the rear leg bottom, we have added two technical inserts made of perforated Lycra® that work in combination with the gripping band providing stable, breathable and comfortable support. In the upper part of the garment we used super breathable fabrics to improve even more the thermoregulation and hygrometric balancing process provided by the garments in the upper part (Essential base layers + jersey or jacket). Reflex applications increase the visibility of the garment.

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Bibtight-WT is the full leg version of the BIBSHORT-WT, ideal for winter season. Entirely made of Thermoroubaix® in the lower part to provide maximum thermal insulation, in the upper part we find super breathable materials so as not to affect the thermoregulation process of the jersey or jacket. While studying construction of the model, we decided to exploit the most of the elasticity and the softness of the Thermoroubaix® by wrapping the entire leg from top to the bottom with a single piece of seamless fabric. This choice allows the fabric to best express its features by giving it an exceptional mechanical movement thanks to the fact that it is not cut and sewn into small pieces but allows the entire leg to be dressed like a second skin, keeping it thermo regulated in an homogeneous way. Reflex applications increase the visibility of the tights.



Bibtight-WP was designed to face cold climates and bad weather conditions.

In the lower part we have combined the action of the Thermoroubaix® fabric in the areas with bi-elastic polyurethane coating in the areas most exposed to the wind. The combined use of these two fabrics in strategic areas, combined with an ergonomic model especially designed for the position in the saddle, has made possible to create insulating and windproof pants, while maintaining high mechanical performance of the product. Reflex applications increase the visibility of the garment.



Tight-W is Outwet SHELL winter pants, designed especially for women. It has all the technical features of Outwet pants for thermo regulation and hygrometric control but with extra attention to the needs of the female riders.

The garment was designed to enhance women shape by providing maximum comfort and elegance.

The exclusive belt with an ergonomic cross-closure design offers stable support for the garment and adapts perfectly to the waist without forcing. Reflex applications increase visibility.


The Paris HP women chamois has high-density inserts in the ischial and perineal areas which make it perfect for road bike. It was designed following specific anthropometric datas to give adequate support to the female anatomy during exercise. The pelvic rotation area has been developed to protect the body while pedaling. This exceptional Elastic Interface® chamois combines the benefits of multidirectional curvature with those of a flat surface: these two specifications work together to ensure perfect fit, increasing stability in the saddle thanks to the gradual transition areas. The holes on the top increase air permeability, lowering the temperature of the skin and decreasing humidity.
Paris HP women uses the ECO X-fifty sustainable fabric, which guarantees maximum softness and quick drying thanks to 100% recycled polyamide and polyester threads.

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